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Leaders of Wencheng County visited private entrepreneurs

Date:2023/11/2 15:54:57     Click:59

On the occasion of the closing of the Party's 20 major victories and forging ahead on a new journey, we ushered in the fourth Wenzhou Private Entrepreneur Festival.
At noon on November 01, Liu Zhonghua, secretary of Wencheng County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, led the county's four sets of team leaders to visit my enterprise, accompanied by other relevant county leaders and Juyu Town Party secretary Ye Feng.
Liu Zhonghua, secretary of the county Party Committee, sent caring blessings to Kang Jian, head of the enterprise, and delivered a "congratulatory letter to the majority of private entrepreneurs" and flowers. Secretary Liu Zhonghua said that we will, as always, support the development of private enterprises, linkage between government and enterprises, jointly promote the creation of "two health", and create a high-quality and efficient environment for the economic development of private enterprises in Wencheng. It is also hoped that entrepreneurs will adhere to the original intention of entrepreneurship, firm confidence in development, inherit the cultural gene of "carrying out justice and interests at the same time, doing good deeds in the world", practice internal skills, do fine main business, further make enterprises bigger, stronger and better, and make greater contributions to high-quality development.



Kang Jian, general manager of Deka, also said that with the support of superiors and territorial departments, we will fully tap our own advantages, continue to improve core competitiveness, return to society with practical actions, lead the fashion, gather to promote Wencheng to catch up and leapfrog, and create high-quality development contribution to the private economic force.